I have this scenario
A windows 2003 with a share named COMPARTIDA
A oes2, suse 10sp1 + oes2 server

I create a new folder in /mnt called servidor:
mkdir /mnt/servidor

I execute:
create volume COMP /mnt/servidor

The volume COMP is created and mounted well.

After that, I mount the windows share with:
mount -t cifs // /mnt/servidor -o user=administrador,password=xxxxx,directio,rw,file _perm=0777,dir_perm=0777

I get the windows share mounted in suse server.

After that, from a windows xp with novell client software I can assign rights to som folders for som users.

All works fine, each user only see what rights says it can see.

So if I go to ncpcon:
dismount comp

If I do "mount comp" again, I get a "failure reason = 150" error and the volume is not mounted.

After some work, I can mount the comp volume again, if I umount the cifs share.
So, I umount the cifs share:
umount /mnt/servidor

I mount the comp volume in ncpcon:
mount comp

The volume mounted correctly.

I mount the cifs share again:
mount -t cifs // /mnt/servidor -o user=administrador,password=xxxxx,directio,rw,file _perm=0777,dir_perm=0777

I can access files as admin.context, but the trustees for all the other users are lost.

Anyone can help me?