I work for a school system and have multiple WAN links to Netware servers running DHCPSRV accomidating V-LANS. For some reason, and not on all servers, I lose DHCP when I lose my LAN/WAN link for some time.

I am also running pixy DHCP for ZEN7.

The work a round is to manually unload PDHCP and DHCPSRVR. Then reload DHCPSRVR(this gives me the DB loaded prompt). And then re-load PDHCP. If I unload DHCPSRVR, it gives me the OK, but I am still unable to give out IP addresses, until I go through the entire process above. There is a TID on the possiblities of PDHCP and DHCPSRVR going for the same port, but this is not that problem. I am loading DHCP very early, before PDHCP.

Any ideas why I am losing DHCPSRVR?