We have a portal from CampusCruiser and have a NetStorage link in it
that calls Netstorage and displays the results in a channel frame.
When NetStorage is called the login pops up for authentication, of

They have added the ability to append login information to the URL
allowing the login information from the portal to be transmitted to
the target URL without the need to re-authenticate.

Here is the information they give:
"When the user clicks on this link (the link to the external site),
their LoginID is part of a query string that gets appended to the URL
of the target external web page. The target recipient site of this URL
needs to be made to understand the following format and parameter that
is integral to this portal channel:
For example:
If the target server is located at
then you should specify a full query URL of
so that when the end user whose login ID is "alex" clicks on the
channel's link, the channel will transmit a full URL of:

Conversely, the server of the site "http://myschool.edu/thisdirectory"
therefore MUST be made to understand the query string parameter

My question: Is there a way to make a NetStorage server understand the
"cc_user" paramater so that this feature can be used to
auto-authenticate using this functionality?