We have just tested the long awaited 10.0.3 update because we need to replace our Old ZENworks system soon.

The server update didn't cause any trouble except the Bundling 0% issue. We deleted the update and downloaded it again. Now the machine has 10.0.3 running and seems to be healthy.

Then we started testing the first clients. We did a clean installation of Windows XP SP2 - German, joined our domain and installed the PreAgentPkg_Agent from our server. First everything looked fine, but after several reboots and logons the Notify Icon and NalWindow showed up with some nasty things:

1. The menu items on the notify Icon seem to be corrupted.
The first Item is "Refresh" in German - OK
The second one is ShowStatusContextMenuItemText - ???
The third one is ShowPropDlgMenuItemText - ???
The fourth one is "Logout" in German - OK
The fifth one is HelpContextMenuItemText -???

When i use the Menu items the well known dialogs open but some Windows also have strange titles. I think there is a problem with the string resources. But it was OK the first three reboots!!

2. The event log of the client machine shows an event ID 7011 (SCM) on every startup twice. He says that he has waited 30000 ms for the ZENPreAgend. Maybe this is part of the boot lag problem.

3. The most worse thing happens in the NalWin that our users need to launch applications. When I launch the calculator for examle he launches the first one, the second one, the third one and so on until the machine crashes. The server noticed a "Object of type Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.ActionResult cannot be serialized{}" error for every instance start. This behavior occurs with every application started from the NalWin.

We tried everything. Several user accounts. With local admin rights and without. Several user locations in our AD. Applied and disapplied GPOs. Nothing helped. Sometimes everything worked for the first few user logons but when it gets messed up it will never work for this user again!? Only the Domain Admin seems always to have a working NalWin and a normal Notify Icon. We have ended testing now and came to the result, that we will have to revert to 10.0.1 again if we can't find a solution for the messed up agent soon.

Any Ideas? Anyone having the same problems?