We have discovered a problem with our newly patched BorderManager 3.9
(on NW65SP6), now on SP1.
If we try to connect to URLs with multiple '/'s, the new proxy.nlm
changes this to only one '/'.
For example:
Client tries to connect to
but BM request
on its public interface, which leads to problems with displaying the site.
If I leave SP1 installed and just copy the old proxy.nlm back from BM3.9
without service pack, BM requests
on its public interface and everything works fine (as it did without
service pack).
I tried Craig's proxy.cfg and the original Novell proxy.cfg. Nothing
changed. Only restoring the old proxy.nlm helps.

Is there any setting that will allow BM to connect to URLs with multiple
'/' in it? Has this change been introduced by purpose, or may I call it
a bug?