When I run the setupsp.exe or acu.exe to upgrade from Client v.4.91sp2 to sp4 everything is peachy-keen (Windows XP). However, when I do a straight-up repackage on either of those to an msi using Admin Studio 8.5 I get tons of <MESSAGE ERROR - UNABLE TO GET STRING> when my login script executes. I think it's not recognizing the %FULL_NAME variables etc., but I can't track it down.

My main question is twofold: First, any ideas why would this only happen with a repackage (with no funky things going on, just clicking "next" and "OK" etc. thru the whole thing), and secondly, has anyone else got anything like this before in Admin Studio for *anything*?

I know it's obviously not a client upgrade issue since the raw upgrade works. I'm not looking for in-depth Admin Studio support, just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Paul Benjamin