I am moving toward installing a new ZCM server that will be running in Vmware as another guest machine.

Currently, I have Zen7 running on a NetWare 6.5 SP7 DL380 server (not virtualized), accessing our images that are hosted on an NSS clustered volume.

Our VM servers are connected to the SAN, however, we are currently not presenting the arrays that hold our production NSS volumes to these servers. This is not to say that this cannot be changed, it was a recommendation made by our 3rd party VM contractor.

So, I could install a new Guest VM running SLES10 SP1 with OES2 and present the SAN array to our VM servers. What would I need to do to present this image volume (currently clustered) to this new server? As part of moving to ZCM, I see no need in clustering this image volume going forward. Do I need to setup any type of volume management with EVMS to access this existing NSS volume on our SAN? I understand if you are creating a new NSS volumes, you would need to configure EVMS and then create new pool and volume objects, but how does this work if the NSS volume already exists?