I applied NW 65 SP7 to an NW 65 SP6 server.

Now iManager won't load (Apache loads, but says Service Unavailable
which means a java/tomcat issue).

I look in the logger screen and I see that Tomcat won't load because it
says :

LDAP connectivity not found on ldap://localhost:636

If I do a M NLDAP it is loaded.

I run a pkidiag, it comes up with zero errors.

If I unload nldap and then re-load it, it loads fine (no errors reported

I also noticed in the logger screen that Tomcat4 and 5 are trying to
load (same errors in either case)

If I then manually run the sys:/tomcat/4/bin/startup it loads with no
errors, but iManager still won't work. Usually my experience has been
when loading tomcat4, I see lots of "java" stuff loading on the logger,
but not in this case.

If I try the tckeygen.ncf I get errors up the wazoo:

Exproting the Host certificate from:localhost
Error importing certificate to keystore: sys:\adminserv\conf\.keystore
com.novell.ecb.CommandException:Connection refused
com.novell.ecb.security.RetrieveHostCertifcates.re trieveHostCertificates
(Unknown Source)
at com.novell.ecb.security.RetireveHostCertificates.e xecute(Unknown
com.novell.application.tomcat.util.EDirectoryInteg rator.retrieveAllHostC
com.novell.application.tomcat.util.EDirectoryInteg rator.performKeystoreW
at com.novell.application.tomcat.util.EDirecotryInteg rator.integrate
at com.novell.application.tomcat.util.EDirectoryInteg rator.main

eDir is still

If I manually load Tomcat5, then things "seem" normal

Reboot or reset the server and the whole process repeats itself.