I am running a Netware OES (sp7) box with Border Manager sp5.

The box has 1 Gb of ram. I am getting cache allocation issues after a
few days of operation.

During this time I have run the memory tuner and it came up with the

Set Parameter Current Value New Value
File Cache Maximum Size 2,147,483,648
1,073,741,824 Change

Restart the server after making the changes using the following command:

server -u672000000

If you want this change to be permanent, insert this command in the
appropriate configuration file.

The recommended changes are for the current server only. After changing
parameters, you need to let the server run for a while to adjust to the
services being run with the new settings.

What are the risks of running this? Can it screw anything up.

Do I add server -u672000000 into C:\NWSERVER\autoexec.bat

Doe it look like a probable fix? Can anyone explain what the File Cache
Maximum Size represents and how setting it to 1,073,741,824 would be