I think the DB on my SLES10 ZLM server is hosed. I installed HP5 per the
instructions but then I noticed that rug was no longer responding to
any commands afterwards. Then I noticed that there were a seemingly large
number of postmaster processes running. I let it sit for a few hours and
came back and still rug would not restart or respond to any other
commands. So I restarted all the ZMD process to no avail. Then I shutdown
postgres. Once I shutdown the DB rug would once again respond to commands.
So I restarted the DB and everything seemed happy...or so I thought.

Now if I reboot the server rug is unresponsive to any command until I
restart postgres again. Once I do that then rug starts working. The other
problem is now I cannot mirror any repos. They all fail at some point with
an error:

Error: An error occurred while trying to add a package to the bundle "/oes1/oes-bundle".
(couldn't create package in data store: Unknown preference name. No
preference exist with the name store-file-deps)
An error occured while processing the request. Please check the log file
for details

The only difference in the message is depending on which repo I am
mirroring determines which bundle name the error has but there is
certainly something broken with my store-file-deps whatever that is. I
think maybe my database is hosed, which sucks because I know next to
nothing about Postgres. At least if this was backed by MySQL I'd know
where to start :-(

I will probably open a ticket for this one but I wanted to throw it out
there just in case someone had a clue as to what happened to me.