How is it ok, that when I install a NOVELL Sanctioned update to SP2 on a clean install of SLED 10, that it breaks the novell client... And further more how is it ok that it breaks it due to an incompatibility to the kernel (which only underwent a VERY minor revision) and yet Novell doesn't seem to care to provide a new client or even a cool solutions article to get it to work... I wouldn't be paying for SLED updates and using the enterprise version missing out on all the cool toys if it wasn't reliable... ANd yet an update (which I paid for) broke the only D@mn thing that I really need for the system to do what I need... Now I have to hobble along on a VMWare Windows XP box until Novell feels like releasing a patch, (Not holding my breath). I WOULD EXPECT THIS KIND OF THING FROM MICROSUX, not NOVELL. I CANT BELEIVE THAT the novfs module doesnt have the error checking in place to recompile itself for a friggin .0.02 difference in kernel version /end rant