I have a server that has developed bad spots on both mirrored drives. NetWare 6.5 sp6, NSS volumes, SYS=6 gig/67% free. It was mirrored, and the mirror drive is worse off than the main.

I removed the mirror, booted it up, went into NSSMU and removed the drive from the RAID of my SYS and DATA volumes. I ran PARTFIX /M to get rid of the RAID completely. When I attach a new drive and attempt to re-create the SYS mirror, I get the volume is deactivated due to compromised pool integrity. I ran NSS /PoolRebuild several times, and it doesn't seem to have done anything.

Can someone tell me if I am in the right line of thinking. It doesn't appear that there is any HotFix area on these volumes. I have 21 gig of free partition space on the drive. I see there is a /SYSHotFixSize = switch to NSS. From what I am thinking, I need to expand the SYS volume and add a HotFix area to it, then run either the NSS /PoolRebuild or I have Portlock and run the Verify NetWare Partition to deal with the bad spots. After that is done, I should be able to re-mirror without the errors then take out the bad drive, and repeat the process of removing and adding the RAID.

So, my questions are this:
1. How can I check to be 100% sure there is no HotFix area on these volumes?
2. I see you can expand the SYS volume by either NSSMU, NRM, or the NSS /ExpandSYS command. I haven't seen any help on how to expand the SYS volume by a specific size and add the HotFix area. Which is the best way to expand SYS and add HotFix?
3. Am I overlooking something or is there a better way to do this?