I have an NFS network installation source on a SuSE workstation that I've used for other server installs. I was unable to use it to do my most recent server installation, and rather than spending much time I installed the server with the installation cds.

Now I'd like to point the server to the installation source on the SuSE workstation, but it still doesn't work. If I do and edit and refresh on any other server already pointing to the SuSE workstation the refresh works fine, so it seems it's not an issue with the workstation.

When I attempt to add the source I get "Unable to create installation source from URL 'nfs://'. Details: ERROR(Media:mount failed).

In /var/log/messages on the workstation it shows "...authenticated mount request from, then multiple ...authenticated unmount request from, with that IP address being the server. I don't see anything relevant in /var/log/messages on the server.

What on my new server may be inhibiting it from successfully making the connection?

Thank you.