I have a question about identifying PC specs through a NW 6 login
script.. This is going to sound diffrent, but this is the current setup of
all of the NW 6 servers that are installed in the place that I am currently


I am currently installing software packages through login scripts,
instead of using NAL - I know, we should be using ZEN - NAL, but I am not
the administrator of the NDS servers and the admins are not planning on
configuring ZEN - not that I can see in the next few months..

Anyway, so because ZEN is not being used, I am installing apps through
login script.. The one thing that I need to do though is identify the PC
spec (MEM / CPU).. If these specs are above the range say 1.2 GHz, 512M -
Mem, then install application, if below, do not install...I done this years
ago with NW 4.x and 5.X, but as I just siad this was years ago.. I am sure
that we done it though... Does anyone have the proper commands to identify
these specs etc?

Tx for the help.