I'm using GW7 Gateway for Exchange SP2 (7.02) and have a question. As anyone here knows, GroupWise 6.5 client can send a "Mail/Notify Receipt when Opened/Deleted" status tracking options along with a composed/sent message to an Exchange user across the GW7 SP2 gateway for Exchange, but on the Exchange/Outlook side, no prompt for a "read receipt" is given, and no read, opened, or delivered receipt is ever received back to the GroupWise client.

It does work the other direction, from Exchange/Outlook to GroupWise 6.5 users across the gateway, but it is either a "Read" or "Delivered" type option in Outlook, and not an "Opened" or "Deleted" option, as in GroupWise.

I know about the gwexch.cfg option to set /noreadreceipt, as I discovered that if that startup option switch is commented out, all emails from GroupWise to Exchange/Outlook prompt the Outlook user that a "read" receipt has been requested, every time, and that is not going to suffice.

So my actual question is this: With this GW7 GW for Exchange 7.02 is "read", "delivered", or "open" (depending on which system you are composing and sending from) only really work one direction/way from Exchange/Outlook to GroupWise, and not from GroupWise to Exchange/Outlook? My users are asking.