I am trying to connect netware 6.5 sp7 (HP DL380) to an HP MSA 2012i storage array via iSCSI.
I am able to connect to a separate windows iscsi target using the netware initiator and I can connect to
the 2012i from a windows machine, but the netware box is unable to access the target on the 2012i
using iscsinit connect {ip addr} iqn.1986-03.com.hp:storage.msa2012i.0805d52470. The command eventually terminates without any output to the console.

When I browse using the IP of the MSA in remote manager I see
the following recurring lines in the diagnostic log:
login_command failed rc=0xFFFFFFFF
login_command failed rc=0xFFFFFFFF
login_security_non failed rc=0xFFFFFFFF

Discovery authentication is disabled on the MSA as is chap authentication on the target.
I have updated the MSA to the most recent firmware.

Any help with isolating the culprit is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

iscsi list output:

Output of iscsi report is attached.