Hi All,

we all know that is with OES2 is possible to have a mixed cluster
(linux-netware) with NCS but which services are sharable and how can I
manage the existing storage?

At the moment, services like DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, iPrint are running on a
Netware 6.5 cluster which needs to be migrated to OES2 Linux. I
initially thought to join the new Linux servers to the cluster, then
share the resources and so leave the Netware nodes. But this can be only
done if all the resources available can be shared among Linux and
Netware nodes, isnt't?

Moreover, what about the shared storage? AFAIK, on Linux I need EVMS in
order to run NSS, but in my case NSS is already installed and managed by
Netware without EVMS. How can the Linux nodes access to this storage?

Because of this, I'm actually thinking I can't create a mixed cluster in
my case. So, should I create a new cluster, migrate data and services
and dismiss the old Netware cluster?

Any help is welcome.