I am having a problem with Arcserve11.1SP3 and NetWare6.5 SP6 server.
Could someone help me, pls?

I checked the previous posts but cold not find the same issue, so I post the new thread. If I missed the same issue in here, could you tell me where it was, pls?

I installed the NetWare6.5 with SP6 from the scratch on ProLiant ML350G3and joined to the existing tree. Then, installed Arcserve11.1SP3 on it but unable to complete the installation.
I did this job several times before other server hardware before and all fine, so this is the first time to stack with Arcserve11.1SP3 on NetWare6.5.
Btrive was upgraded to 8.5 during the installation.
Furthermore, I re-isntalled Arcserve11.1SP3 few times but it is the same.

At the end of the installation, "Installation Complete" message pops up and I click OK but unable to run astart.
Usually I do run astart just before click OK on "Installation Complete" screen but it does not matter running astart before or after "Installation complete" due to ASCREATE.NLM never shows OK status and seems waiting for something.
I left the server more than 30min but still the same screen, so what I can do is only hard shutdown. As a result, the installation never complete.

It seems the server fail to complete to run ASCREATE.NLM.
Is this related to CSLOADER.NLM?
The screen shows "Loading Module ASCREATE.NLM" and the loading status never show OK. It seems it has been waiting to complete to load ASCREATE.NLM.
As a result, once I run astart, it is waiting to complete to load ASCREATE.NLM.

The log screen shows;

Module ASCREATE.NLM load status OK
Loading module ASCREATE.NLM
Brightstor Arcserve r11.1 SP3 Re-Installation Utility (Build991.011.033 03/01/07)
Version 11.10 1 March 2007
C 2007 CA

Thus, I have to go to Emergency screen to run a command.
But the server is waiting to complete to run ASCREATE.NLM, so I cannot run any commands at all.
What I can do is only hard shutdown and re-install Arcserve11.1SP again but I get the same situation.