we are running OES2 Servers, with patches up to date. A seperate
Storage is used for NSS Volumes.
The problem we are having is that the NSS pool deactivates by itself for
no apparent reason. I can use nssmu to reactivate it and it works.
Now it is running an undefined time then the Pool is deactivated again.

IPCListenerThread: accept rc=9
IPCClient::Open connect failed rc=2
IPCServRequest open/send/received failed rc=2
... ncp2nss daemon halted (15)

Volume 254 error; couldn't lstat root, euid: 0, errno: 19
Volume Server1:Vol (254) root not accessible; volume dismounted.
lstat(/media/nss/Vol) returned errno: 19.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this ?