Well, here's the story: Our current Bladecenter and SAN are off lease at the end of this week and I really need to get our novell cluster's storage off this SAN and onto our new one. We have a 2 node cluster of OES machines (VMs on ESX) with one shared pool housing 3 volumes. We have decided to separate out the three volumes each onto their own LUN/Pool. I have created the clustered Pools (after finding this How to recreate clstrlib.conf file for Novell Cluster Services) and the required volumes and used rsync and metamig to copy the files across. The plan was to then down the servers, detach from the old LUN, bring servers up and recreate SBD partition on the new LUNS. Only it refused to create the SBD partition on any of my three new LUNS saying something about device not found. After some research, I see that the SBD should actually be on it's own LUN? Is this true, as it has been working fine on the same LUN as our current storage Pool. Another problem is that these new pools are listed in iManager under Cluster Options, but not under Cluster Properties -> Priorities. The also don't exist in /etc/opt/novell/ncs/cluster.xml.

Any ideas?

Also, all of our drive mappings point to the current Pool's ncp server name, XData. As long as I give one of the new Pools this same ncp server name, I shouldn't have to change my drive mappings in the login scripts, right?