I maintain a school district with 38 schools each with their own NetWare 6.5 sp7 with ZFD 7 server and context in eDir. I have added, modified and successfully tested the ADMs for the MS office 2007 suite at one of our schools. The problem is when I copy these ADMs to another school context, when I open the policy in C1 it is all set back to Not Configured. In the past all we had to do is perfect one set of ADMs and then copy them to the other schools. I have tried copying them, importing them, etc... Why does it not retain the settings I need or is there another way to get them to these other contexts?

If I go in and make the changes I want, it will keep them but I do not want to have to do this for every context.

And before someone suggests it, having one central group policy did not work for us, I need this copied to each school.

Thank you.