I simply could not get the "approved" upgrade method to work, so I went through the the manual upgrade process for my ZCM server from a clean 10.0.1 install to a 10.0.3. The process was relatively painfree.

Then I installed the agent on a clean XP box - no apps installed at all, this was specifically set up to test ZCM Server.

I can get to the ZCM server from the XP box without a problem, and install the agent; which proves that DNS etc is working.

However....the agent is reporting that the Management Zone, Server DNS and Server Address are "unavailable". The Agent Status window is showing the version of all the modules as 10.0.1, except for the Remote Management Module which is being shown as 10.0.0.

Any suggestions? I'm downloading the 10.0.3 iso right now, but this project is turning into a headache.