I have a linux based laptop on my network with Kubuntu KDE4 installed on it. The network environment is NetWare 6.5 with ZenWorks Desktop Management 6.5 installed managing windows xp client machines. I have 2 computers I use at my desk, the linux laptop and a windows xp desktop. The ConsoleOne on my winxp machine works perfect, however, however I am having problems installing the ZDM snap-in for ConsoleOne on the linux one. I have the novell client installed and I can see all the netware volumes. I have ConsoleOne installed and can see all the network objects, but I do not know how to get the zenworks snap-in to load correctly. Has anyone successfully installed the snap-in on a kubuntu/ubuntu/debian linux computer? Is there a how to available? I'm not even sure which one to download, do I download the snap-in for ZDM or the one for the Zenworks for linux?