I am receiving this error on random user accounts located in the same container as many others, ALL with the same folder limits set on their home folders.

Users are given 100mb of storage for their home folder, and after using up 20mb, they get an error saying they are out of storage. It also shows they only have 20mb available on the mapped drive under "My Computer", even when there are other folders under the mapping that they have unlimited space on.

They see the same 20mb as what is available on the entire volume, although the volume has over 50gb free.

What I have done, that does not resolve the issue:

- Changed their folder rights to unrestricted.
- Changed their folder rights to 500mb.
- Moved their folder
- Recreated their folder
- Changed login script
- Moved the user account to a new container
- Checked all inheritance
- Ran dsrepair and dstrace with no found results

The only solution I can find that solves the problem is recreating the user account, and then giving them rights back to their old home folder. Once I recreate the account, the problem does not happen again for that user. Because of this, it appears to be an error with the account itself, and not the folder rights or inheritance.

Thank you for any help you can give me on this problem.