Just upgraded inplace from OES1 to OES2. During the install, eDirectory failed to upgrade and hosed it up pretty good.

I was able to get eDirectory functional again, and it is now working. However, I cannot get the OES2 configuration in YAST to let me access the other components to configure them (since they never got configured before due to the failure). When I get to a certain point, I believe it's called the "MICASA" screen, it says:

"OES1 SLES9 Detected. Do you want to upgrade?"..

If I select YES, which I have done several times, it always tries to upgrade eDir, and usually fails on the LDAP piece. However, not always. If it gets past that, it fails on something else. Then it tells me I was successful, even though I received critical errors prior. I have worked through the errors that have caused it to fail, and rcndsd start will load nds just fine. ldap reports that it is listening. But it can't make it through the install dialog. It's almost as if the install shuts down nds right when it needs to make ldap calls. Nothing shows up in the log that is displayed, in fact it all looks fine.

If I select NO, it asks me to either create a new tree or join an existing tree. I don't want to do that because edir is functional.

But I cannot seem to get it to realize that the system is upgraded and I just want to configure the other pieces, like iFolder and NCP, etc.

Any ideas on how to get out of this loop?