Following scenario:

1 NW5.1 used as fileserver +++
1 NW4.2 running old SQLBase Server
1 Windows 2000 server with IIS and SQL Server

1 SLES10SP1 32bit (called AUTOMATIX) as XEN host for Windows 2003 PDC
and SLES10SP1 test system and running Oracle DB

Now my questions:

1. is it possible to upgrade Automatix to OES2 and still use it as XEN host?

2. same as 1. but upgrade to the 64bit-version?

3. better install from scratch ( system is not yet really productive )

HW is Dell Poweredge2900 with 2 Xeon5150 processors.

Background is to take over most of the work from NW5.1 ( DNS, DHCP,
Apache etc ) except for the fileserver-option and then run in addition
Account Management to integrate Windows and SLES into NDS/EDir for
better manageability.