We have BlueSocket APs and I wish to push out the controllers IP address to the access points using our NW6.5 DHCP server.

They provide instructions on how to do it with Microsofts DHCP but of course that's no help.

Here's what they say about an Internet Systems Consortium(?) DHCP Server:

To setup an ISC server on your network to send the DHCP Vendor option, you must first match the identifier, then add the option:

if option vendor-class-identifier = "BlueSecure.AP1500" {
option vendor-encapsulated-options

The IP is a datastring of the Hex MAC Address. 31 is hex for 1, 39 for 9, so the above string reads: 127 (vendor), 13 (length), then

Now the IP address I wish to push out is which would be '3139322E3136382E3136302E35'. So that's easy enough but how do I go about defining this Vendor Class?

Ta in advance