Well, I was going to post about trying to get LDAP working but as I have only one test user account which is have now lost access to and no ability to create more (i'm not the novell admin,) I figured I'd ask for help on this first.

I was able to log in with my student test account but not with my admin account, nor could other admins.

I played with some settings but had no luck. Reading on the forum I see T+C caches user information so I figured I'd better delete my test user and see if it would re-register the account when I logged back on.

After finally figuring out how to delete a user, I blew the student test account away.

however trying to log back in gives me the following

An unexpected system error occurred.

com.liferay.portal.struts.ActionException: java.lang.NullPointerException
I also can't log in as admin or any other local user. I go to the login screen, type admin and the password and i get... the login screen! No errors, no nothing. It just appears to refresh the login screen. Other local account behave the same way.

I'm excited about the possibilities T+C offers but so far it seems pretty easy to break. Does this happen a lot? Should I start fresh or is there a way to restore sanity?