ok i don't think i'm alone in this situation here..
this is the scenario. we have 4 zcm servers all on win2k3 boxes. initially, we started toying with the pulsar beta and then eventually set up some servers with the 10.0 release. we stumbled through the first couple of updates 10.0.1-.2 and most recently 10.0.3. right now we're mostly testing the deployment of the agent on a mixture of xp and vista clients.

so here's some questions. in our haste to get this system running we put the database on our first server install and chose the embedded sybase option. we also have reporting services running on that server. and finally it's also acting as our certificate authority.

also we're using just one global management zone. is that a bad choice or not?

...now that we're attempting a production deployment we're thinking about changing some things. having the database on an external server makes the most sense to us, we'll also be moving to ms sql 2005. is it worthwhile to look into migrating the sybase database or should we just start from scratch?

also what other kind of design best practices is everyone following? such as - anyone using external certificate authorities? the reporting services also seem to tax the cpu. and how many people are rolling out zcm onto virtual machines?

thanks in advance for any responses.