I have a strange problem I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on.

I installed a new NW656 server into my tree today. No replicas.

After the install had finished and I had configured ssh, time, slp etc I
realised I had 1) spelled the server name incorrectly and 2) spelled the
context the server reside in incorrectly.

Server name was easy to resolve and all was fine.

I checked that edir was healthy and all servers with reps were
communicating and error free. I then renamed the servers context. I
waited for a bit to let the change sync, then ran the limber process and
waited another 5 or so minutes. It was during the dstrace screen for the
limber process I noticed lots of 601 and 634 errors to do with edir

I checked with dsrepair and this server still thinks it's in the old
context name and so I'm guessing it can't authenticate to its own
object. DSbrowse bears this out and all other servers see the context
change correctly.

I have run multiple repairs on the local db (no replicas on this
server). I have checked server names known to this server and there are
no problems. I done the same on all other servers. I have even run a
dsrepair -xk3 just in case followed by the backlink process. I have
restarted the server a number of times.

I'm thinking I might not have had this problem if I'd had a replica on
this server containing the changing context.

Is my only option to remove ds from the server forcefully and install it
back into the tree? I don't mind doing this, but it's become a bit of a
challenge for me to fix it without doing that.

I've left everything running overnight in the hope that it will
eventually sort itself out.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.