Hi Guys,

Sorry about the attention seeking subject but have a bit of a panic on. Two
of our four servers had a serious error overnight and I had to reboot them
(very rare).

In the health log I have the following error:

Thursday, 29-05-2008 10:31 am
Licensing Information on server SERVER1 was in a BAD State
Current Value - 10
Peak Value - 10
Max Value - N/A

As far as licensing goes, we have a site license which was installed in
November last year. nwadmin32 shows the livense object and if I type version
I get Server License Novell Netware 6 Server 650 SN:XXXXXXXXX
User Licenses: Audited

From memory, this is correct.

I am just a little worried if I tell everyone to log back in there will be a