I am trying for the second time to deploy the patch to 400+ machines. We have a single ZCM server (in Stage 1) and the rest of the workstations are in Stage 2. My first attempt resulted in the patch downloading and then when I deployed it, Stage 1 stayed in a 'Pending' state for 48 hours and it was never installed. I cleared the update several times, and the patch would never install. I updated the server manually to 10.0.3, and now I am trying to deploy again. Once again I am stuck on 'Pending' for Stage 1 (even though the only server in that stage already has 10.0.3). I have been unable to push this update out to the rest of the campus, because we can't get to Stage 2. Is there any issue with the server updating itself using the System Update process? How do I get it to move past Stage 1 and start updating Stage 2?