We are running Netware 6.5 SP7 as our mail File and print server. A little over 2 months ago, we started to experience an issue with our entire Sys and Vol1 volume directories and files, being Hidden. All the files and directories had the hidden attribute set, and the date stamps were altered as well. Date stamps like 1/1/1601 and 8/9/2059. I had to download a utility to modify the date stamp. We 'unhid' the files using Flag, and/or Windows Explorer, and used this utility to change the date stamp. It took us a few days to get everything back to normal. It occurred again a week later. It has occurred now about 10 or so times. This occurs at different times of the day and night. There does not seem to be any pattern to it. We have Symantec AntiVirus running on all of our servers and the signatures are up to date. (And have always been) We have had no virus issues on our network that I am aware of. I installed a new Netware server about a month ago, as we wanted to migrate part of our file system over to it. Within a week, this occurred on the new server as well.

I have called Novell support and they have never heard or seen this issue before. I am baffled and stumped as well. I have never seen this before either. We have changed our admin password and made it extremely complex. We have no issues on our other Linux and Windows 2003 servers. I have Googled for information on this and cannot find any answers.

Does anyone have any ideas on this ? Has anyone ever seen this before ?