We have encountered a potential problem with Novell Storage Manager and partition merges. We are running the latest version of Novell Storage Manager (version 2.00.35) and our configuration consists of one central engine and two event monitors/sentinels (one of which is running on the same server as the engine). Both servers have are running Netware 6.5 sp7 and eDirectory 8.7.3 sp10 and contain replicas of all our user partitions.

Over the weekend some work was done involving merging two partitions, one was a user partition and the other a sub-container that had been partitioned off. The child partition was merged into the parent partition. Some time later it appears this operation triggered Storage Manager to enforce its policies against the user accounts in this particular partition, enforcing policies etc.

We have further partition merges to undertake and our concern is that this will trigger NSM to apply its policies. Is this behaviour correct and can you recommend a solution to avoid the impact that would result from NSM acting in this way during this work.