I was looking into adding a radiant barrier to my house, I was wondering if
anyone here had any experience with any of the different types?

I have seen the spray-on kind advertised, but those can only be applied by
"licensed professionals" & I am just not sure how long those really
last....not to mention it is *very* expensive.

http://www.reflectixinc.com/ is one company I was looking at (can pick up
the stuff from lowes/amazon/etc) for self install...it is basically "tinfoil

http://atticfoil.com/ is another alternative, local to me & it seems a good
deal less expensive compared to the reflectixinc stuff per sqft, but I have
no idea about its makeup.

Anyone know of any other brands/types of radiant barriers?

My attic & walls (even garage) are already a pretty high R rating, but being
in a new community with no shade whatsoever I am looking at anything else
that I can possibly do to make summers in TX a bit more bareable (SP is a