I know that the "REQUESTOR_CONTEXT" login variable hasn't returned
anything for quite some time. We had been able to get around this by
using network address information. However, we are now looking at
rearranging our tree and have need to run a different login script based
on whether the user is logging in using the alias, but on the same

What we want to do is move the user account, but create have the alias
created in the original location. Then if they log in with the alias (in
the original context) the user will get the original login script.
However, when we switch users to the new login location they will use the
new login script.

As the current clients work, when you log in using an alias, the login
script of the actual account container gets run instead of the alias

I'm hoping that someone with more alias login script experience can help
me figure out how to get the right results.

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL