Hi All,

Sorry if I make any mistakes this is a first time post :).

I have recently installed the VPN module to my bordermanager 3.8 server
and have been attempting to set it up with a complete failure to do so.

I will try and give you some background information first.

Public Internet Address 60.242.110.xxx
Internal Router Address

Internal Internet bordermanger adress
Bordermanager Proxy address
VPN Tunnel address
VPN Ip Address Pool

I have run vpncfg and added 60.242.110.xxx as the public ip address and
the tunnel as I have created all neccessary filters as
described in


On both the router and the bordermanager firewall.

I have verified that all the required modules are up and running. But
I am facing the problem of Authentication Gateway is either not loaded
or does not exist when logging in externally.

I also get the following errors in csloader
Failed to acquire the VPN security keys.
Get DH/RSA keys failed.

I have tried to recreate the certificates but still the same issue.

Also, My fileserver is named CASCAN1 and my Bordermanager Server is
CASCAN2. Should i select CASCAN2 as the server that the vpn should
connect through?? Sorry if this seems idiotic. Im new to novell :)