Hi All,

First of all I will give you a overview of what happened. My current production server is nearing its end of life. So I organised to purchase a new IBM x3500 which works great. I used the netware migration toolkit to migrate all of nds and edirectory and also the data. Unfortunately there where some business critical programs that were not functioning on the new server after the migration. I therefore had to restore edirectory to the old server (what a headache). Then continue using the old server. Now i have fixed all the issues. I am now faced with the problem of migrating the data again. If i change the ip address and the server name through AUTOEXEC.NCF will it allow me to use the migration toolkit to just migrate the data again?? Or is there an easier method. I only have 160gb of data and the majority of it has already been transferred over.

Thanks for any help.