I am at a loss for words.

Attempted the upgrade from to 10.0.3 using the normal ZCC
process but sat at Bundling (100%) for two days. NTS engineer
suggested TID 7000433 which seemed reasonable. Able to follow TID and
get downloaded from local directory but again stuck at Bundling
(100%), only this time I could not clear it from the ZCC. Found TID
5007725 and was able to get the stuck update cleared. I am at try 5 or
6 and continue to remain stuck at Bundling (100%).

Did I not give it enough time at 2 days for the Bundling to complete?
How long should this whole process take?

Running on SLES 10 SP1 with OES 2.

NTS says I need to install this patch to troubleshoot DLU failures
with W2K3 TS logins but it seems it is a bugger to install.

Do I punt and go back to ZFD 7 where I know it will work?? If yes, how
much grief am I going to have removeng the ZCM agents and replacing
them with the ZFD 7 agents?