I have been trying to get a Nokia E-series phone to sync calendar from
GW 703 client, just like I did it on 6.5 clients (successfully) with the
Nokia PC-Sync that comes with PC-Suite. For some reason, PC-Sync doesn't
recognize the Windows Messaging profile "Novell GroupWise", even if I
copy it to the old name, "Novell Default Settings". Thus, it will not
let me select the folders to map to calendar, tasks, etc. The folder
selection window is empty. Nokia PC-Suite is version "rel_6_86_9_3_eng".

The thing is, even if we do have GMS in place, there are a couple of
thousand people who just need cradle sync for their calendars, not OTA
email+cal+etc sync. Also I don't want to install Outlook on their PC's,
for obvious reasons.

Anyone out there who has successfully done this? Calendar sync is the
only thing keeping us from going towards 7-clients globally... Nokia
says "no way, get Intellisync". Novell says "no way, get GMS". Kinda
stuck here.

Any help is highly appreciated.