why didnt the zfdagent overwrite the nwgina.dll from the netware client. the netware client ( nwclient491sp1with patches ) we install comes with nwgina dll, the zfdagent msi comes with the nwgina version, but the setup routine from the zfdagent.msi didnt overwrite the nwgina on the workstation. ( scripted installation )

and if i try to start on the workstation manual start the zfdagent msi, the setup didnt overwrite the nwgina too.

i have start to install the nw client (491sp3with patch )with nwgina dll , and the install routine overwrite the nwgina with the old version, with the new version of

any ideas why the zfdagent.msi didnt overwrite the nwgina from the nwclient ?