Running 10.0.3 Updated with system update on OES2

We are getting ready to roll in a bunch of systems and seem to be having an issue with the agent. We have downloaded the Agent_complete from Zenworks-setup on the server and have it install as part of our imaging process. However it appears the agent is not the full agent but a pre-agent. It appears to download 10.0.1 files and install them then update everything to 10.0.3. This takes quite awhile and login is not working on the machine until or if this completes. I have two test stations that this process appears to have hung on.


1. Is it possible to bypass this stupid pre-agent and install the full agent?

2. How do we find and install the 10.0.3 agent or pre-agent?

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.