We have Novell SBS 6.5, a tree with 3 servers:

1. Border Manager sp1
2. GroupWise (NAT) sp1
3. WEB (NAT) sp6 - Apache 2.0.59, MySQL 4.0.26a and PHP 5.0.5.

Before upgraded the third server from sp1 to sp6 we used PHP 4 with
MySQL 4.0.26a without problems.

Now, when I try to work with phpMyAdmin 2.6.4-pl3, it displays partial
DB information (tables format), but most other actions cause to Apache
to crash with the following message on server console:

8-27-2007 8:28:11 am: SERVER-5.70-2187 [nmID=D0006]

Removed address space because of memory protection violation

Address Space: ADMINSRV

Reason: Page Fault, Attempt to read from non-present page

Running Thread: Apache_Worker 4

EIP: 0xF50DA321 (PHP5LIB.NLM + 0xB7321)

Access Locat

Other strange message is the following error message when trying to
connect with the MySQL Query Browser 1.1.15:

Could not connect to the specified instance.
MySQL Error Number 2003
Can't connect to MySQL server on www.kalmanovitz.co.il (10060)
If you to check the network connection, please click the Ping button.

I found TID 3958375 and downloaded the nw65sp5.exe file, but I didn't
find the phpmysql.nlm or libmysql.nlm (from Nsure Audit) files.

Please help?