Hello to all,

We have a NDS structure that consists of approximately 50 NW 6.5
servers. A few of these servers have Zenworks configured on them, with the
ability to image W/S etc.. But not all of the servers have this ability,
only a few. Saying this, if I would like to image PC's from a site that
hosts a NW server, but the server is not setup with ZEN, can this be done?
So, Can I send images down to a W/S from a NDS ZEN structure, and have the
image come from a local server that is not configured with ZEN?

Server 1 - Configured with ZEN

Server 2 - Not configured with Zen

Can Server 1 send a request to image a PC that is not local to the
server site. Server 2 will then send the image to the PC because it is on
the local LAN?

I am sure that this cannot be done, but I just want to make sure
before I cross it off my list.

TX - Toby.