Okay - I know we've got some guitar experts out there <g>.

I was mostly a "casual" guitar player as a teenager, and haven't played in
well over 20 years. My daughter decided she wanted to learn, so I pulled
out my old guitar and restrung it. There is just something really WEIRD
about the bottom E string. It will NOT play an F#. I.e., the second fret
sounds pretty much the same as the third fret, jumping right past the F#.
The F and G are both fine, but there is just no change between frets 2 and

Maybe I just have the wrong kind of strings. Like I say, I haven't played
in over 20 years, and thus haven't changed strings in over 20 years, so
maybe I somehow got the wrong gauge (and no, I honestly don't remember what
I got). It just seems to go against all of the mechanics of string tension
to not get a change in tone when you change the fret! That said, if I use a
capo on the second fret, then things are okay. This makes me worry of
course that something's up with the fret board. Maybe I'll just take it to
the guitar shop tomorrow and let someone look at it.