I have the following problem:
I create a Bundle (Adobe Reader for example). I associate this to a
Bundle-Group and test it on my Windows XP SP3 Workstation. All fine.
No I make some changes to the application (add a registry-key after the msi
is installed). And now, after hours, the registry-key will not pushed.
On a fresh installed Windows XP the registry-key is installed.

I've tried the following without success.
increase the version number
zac -cc
zac refresh general
Reset the Windows XP TestPC from an Image and leave the ZCM-Object.

How can I make a "force refresh" on my Windows PX PC?
Are there some cached information befor a user login to windows?
Are there some cached information on the ZCM Device Object?

2 x ZCM 10.0.3 on German Windows 2003 R2 SP2 Servers on 2 locations.