Folks, the time has come for me to turn in my sysop card. Over the past
year or so it has become increasingly apparent that for a whole litany
of reasons I simply am not able to contribute adequately to the program.

Frankly, the primary reason I've hung on as long as I have has been the
interaction with all of the people associated with the program, sysops
and Novell folks which for me has been an attraction of the first order.

But I see it as unfair to others for me to take up resources which
others deserve to share.

I've been doing sysop work, first for Borland, then Word Perfect/Corel,
and Novell for over 20 years and will seriously miss the ongoing
interactions and discussions I've had over that time. Being a Novell
sysop for the past 15 years has been both a pleasure and an honor for

I expect to continue to log the semiprivate newsgroup, and likely will
lurk in some of the NetWare newsgroups so I will be around to some

Barry Schnur
Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop