Hello, running NW65SP7, have been having various abend problems, in some
cases just a total freeze up (server screen was blank, keyboard jammed), in
other cases I would receive a multiple abends with a bunch of information in
it. The server is running GW7SP3 (MTA/POA's, WebAccess, GWIA), Arcserve
11.1 SP3, SAV CE All NSS volumes.

I had found over the weekend that there was a subdirectory that belonged
within some anti-spam software we had been using on that server that there
were problems with the installation with and was eventually removed. In
particular one of its' subdirectories must have had an unimaginable amount
of files in it. I say this because a DEL *.* in the directory took 2 hours
to complete, and an NDIR /vol command on the volume yielded originally about
7 million entries in it, and by the time the DEL *.* completed it was down
to 2.2 million entries, and the available disk space had increased by about

Does an entry correspond to one file, or one chunk of the file?

Either way I was thinking this may have contributed to the problem, does
this make sense?

Also I captured the multiple abends screen data, and have attached it here.
Is there any useful info that could be gleemed from the attached?

I had also noticed that if I was doing RESET SERVER that when it came to
dismounting the NSS volume that hosted those files (also hosts our GW
databases), that it would take a minute or so for it to complete before it
went to deactivating the pools).

Note that I've applied all the latest patches to the NW65SP7 server (which
was a fresh install from an overlay CD as SP7), and migrated to from a
NW65SP8 server.