I want to back up my whole server which consists of:
OES2 Linux on single disk with separate swap spindle, Groupwise and DATA on NSS/ncpfs, software RAID5.

I know about snapshots of the nss volumes which is useful in terms of backing up open files and allowing for sound backups, perhaps using amanda.

However, I would really like to make a regular backup of the whole machine, in a form that would allow me to successfully restore in case I mess up the operating system someday.

I assume that I would need to create a basic OS from the original DVDs but then RESTORE....

How can I most conveniently accomplish this? In particular, I am concerned that the groupwise installation and configuration, which I found quite a challenge, should be retreivable. All of the relevant data is inside the main data nss volume but the configuration, of course, is held on the system disks (ext3)

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. i will watch the forum each evening over the coming week and respond to any requests for clarification.

Cheers, in advance!!

Rob Ellis