Hi all,

I have problem on novell storage service. Our novell service works normal and problem is some stupid user cut public folder to their own departments folder. I want some folder is cannot move and cannot rename but user is can access to this folder can create delete files folder. Also our NSS storage using nbackup and cannot support to Cyrillic character shows below error

nbackup: Failed to open dataset /media/nss/SITEFS/SITE-PUBLIC-FOLDER/Mongolian Legislation/Mon Laws/???????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????????/???????????????????????????? ????????????????????/???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????/2000_200404 for backup

nbackup: (libtsafs.so 6.50.0 291) An invalid path was used.

Please help me

Any reply would be appreciate